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Here are just a few of the cars that belong to customers of AMT Racing Engines....
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'70 Nitro Hemi Funny Car

'65 Mustang

'77 MG Midget SCCA

'69 Camaro Small Block

'72 Buick GS 455

393 Stroker w/Vortech

428 Nitrous Mustang

'A Modified' Small Block

800 HP Turbo 383 SBF

'67 Dart 414 Stroker

'55 Chevy Pro Mod

'69 Dart 401 Stroker

Slingshot Dragster

Chuck Mathis SCCA
VW Rabbit Natl Champ!

Greg "Jake" Jacobsmeyer's 1970 Challenger Nitro Funny Car gets its motivation from an AMT built aluminum Keith Black Hemi. Greg is sponsored by Westport Dodge in St. Louis, Missouri.

"I have gotten my machine work done and engines assembled at AMT since 1992 and I wouldn't go anywhere else. They are the best in the business." - Greg "Jake" Jacobsmeyer


Winner - Outlaw Nitro Class
1st Funny Car Nationals
Gateway International Raceway
St. Louis, MO - Sept 11, 2004


Low ET and Top Speed Winner
2nd Annual Funny Car Reunion
Old Englishtown, New Jersey
July, 2002

Here's a qualifying run of the Nostalgia Funny Cars at the 2007 GoodGuys Hot Rod Nationals in Indy. Greg's "All Star Dodge" Challenger went up against Mike Savage driving Jim Broome's "Speed Sport" Cuda. Greg ran a 6.50 at 215 against his competitor's 6.08 at 237 mph. To quote Greg "The fast times come at a price. That team went through three motors that weekend!"

In the video above, the Challenger gets really loose at 170 mph. Nice save!

Jeff Litzsinger's 1965 Mustang has an AMT built small block running ample amounts of NOS. Jeff won the track championship at Ozark Drag Strip in Springfield, MO in 2005 in the Drag Radial class. This car runs 6.0's in the eighth mile consistently @ 118 to 120 MPH.

"AMT Racing Engines have powered my '65 Mustang Fastback for several years, with only one (as Doug puts it) "Driver Error". You could not ask for better quality, professionalism or personability anywhere else! The perfection of Doug and his crew is second to none. We make 100 to 150 NOS passes a year, so if you don't mind waiting until the "second Tuesday of next week", AMT is simply the best! Thanks to Doug and the crew for all your support and continued expertise. SIncerely, Jeff Litzsinger"

Jeff Litzsinger's 1965 Mustang. Jeff was track champ at Ozark Drag Strip in Springfield, MO for 2005 in the Drag Radial class. Congratulations, Jeff!

Doug has built the engines for Chuck Udell's CU Racing 1977 MG Midget for many years with top performance results, including:

1992 First Place G Production Mid-AM
2002 Second Place F Production Mid-AM
2003 First Place F Production Mid-Am
2004 Second Place F Production Mid-AM
2005 Second Place F Production Mid-AM

Check out Phil Reichardt's Camaro as it does a giant wheelstand. This car weighs in at 3500 lbs with the driver and runs 5.60s at 128 mph in the 1/8th and 8.90s at 149 mph in the 1/4 with stock suspension on drag radials and original GM block!

"AMT Racing Engines has been building my engines since 1999. I can't count the number of big blocks I put on the trailer because of the incredible knowledge and precision the team at AMT has put into my 388 inch small block. If you're looking for horsepower and reliability, these guys can get the job done. Thanks for your hard work and time." - Phil Reichardt III

"I've been to several machinists in and around St. Louis and even tried one in Indiana. The shopping is over. AMT is beyond a doubt the best shop for Horsepower. Doug is a wizard when it comes to all things horsepower related. He is very precise in everything he does and man does it show!

I race my '72 GS Stage 1 Buick at select Buick events around the midwest. It has always been very competitive in the heads up class that I have run in for many years. I was the 1999 GS Nationals winner in Columbus Ohio. I was the '02 GS Street Eliminator points champion with wins at both Norwalk, Ohio and Morocco Indiana and Runner Up at the GS Nationals at Bowling Green Kentucky. This past year we pulled out some of the stops (but not all) and my AMT built 455 Buick went 9.45@141+ with a 1.311 60' time and was #1 qualifier, also setting the record at both ends for my class. The car weighs 3630 lbs race ready and has 3" exhaust, 9" slicks, single 1050 carb and no trans brake and no NOS.

Big thanks to Doug and Jerry at AMT Racing Engines!"
- Gary Laughlin

William Johnson's 393 stroker w/YS Trim Vortech weighs 3375 lbs w/driver on a 10.5" tire and will be running Wild Street Class (street legal). The first and only full pass the car went 9.54@142.52 with a 1.37 60' time. William is making passes for his NHRA license now.

"AMT Racing Engines is simply the best. Doug explains to you what you need to know to make the correct decisions and always has time to talk to you about your concerns. Doug and the crew are very professional. Thanks a ton!!" - William (Cuda) Johnson

"This is all I have so far of my car - from the Union Grove, Memorial Day 2006 Street Car Shootout. This was the 1st fogger pass on the new AMT 428ci bad boy! The car went on the bumper for over 100' & when it finally came down the drivers side coilover broke in half & took out a lot of stuff. Don't worry - I pulled the oil pan off and had to bend the pick up tube to get the pick up off the bottom of the pan......I'm planning to get out next week, just about got everything fixed and put back together....." Mark Schwarz

Doug is the Master at finding horsepower in our 390 inch small block A Modified circle track car. The precision of his work and attention to detail make him the only machinist we will ever use. AMT have been building our engines for six years and we continually out run bigger engines and have never had a DNF due to a failure. Thanks Doug and crew we appreciate everything you've done to make us faster."
Mark & JD Rottler

My name is Jeff Long, and I fancy myself a pretty good mechanic. I've built high performance small block Fords in the past. But when it came time to build my 800 hp turbocharged 383 ci SBF, I decided to leave that to the professionals at AMT and boy am I glad I did! My first full pass down the track was a 8.94 at 148.77 mph. The 'no short cuts, no compromises' approach that Doug takes in building engines gives me confidence that everything about my motor is "right". When I talk to other racers, and they complain about 'issues' that their engine has, I tell them - You should'a gone to AMT." - Jeff Long

In 1997 I was looking to step up performance and needed a good engine shop. I began watching who was going fast, spinning it hard, and staying together. In almost every case they had an AMT motor in it. That made my decision easy. Been using AMT ever since with no gripes at all. If Doug has any faults at all its that he's very picky...and that's a good thing in the horsepower world. In 9 years of use I've had no failures of any kind with his motors. When I take out an engine it's not because it's bad, but just steppin' up. AMT motors stay together. I currently run an AMT built 414 stroker in my '67 Dart. Its not a trick motor at all, even runs factory iron heads on it, and at 3260 lbs shifting at a scant 6300 rpm's it's run 10.40's @ 127 mph. I'm what you call a 'happy customer'."

"If ya want it back fast take it somewhere else, if ya want it back RIGHT, take it to AMT Racing Engines." - Ken Clinton

Although it has yet to see the racetrack, Bob Colesworthy's pint sized 7/8 scale methanol powered '55 Chevy Pro Mod car should put out around 2600 HP if you believe all the hype. Under the hood is a blown injected Keith Black aluminum block 517 that was freshened up by AMT.

Here's Randy Baker's '69 Dart at the Monster Mopar Weekend held on September 8th through 10th, 2006 at Gateway International Raceway in St. Louis.

"I have been a customer of AMT since 1989. I have never had any mechanical problems. The only time the engine has been out and put back into the shop is for upgrade or freshening up. This is a street driven car, and the best it has run is 10.62 at 125 MPH on the motor and 9.93 at 134.5 MPH with a 150 shot of nitrous. If you want the best..go to the best!" - Randy Baker

Dennis Merkt's slingshot dragster does a giant wheelstand at Gateway International Raceway in St. Louis. Way to go, Dennis!

His best run to date has been a 7.50 @ 180 MPH on a 400 with a Dart block and Brodix heads.

"When I decided I wanted a nitro-burning SBC, I knew it was too much for me to assemble properly. But for a perfectionist like Doug it's a piece of cake. This is my 2nd engine from AMT with no problems! Doug is the best period. I recommend him to anyone. Thanks Doug!" - Dennis Merkt

Still shot

Video Clip (shot by Darin Myhre)

Chuck Mathis runs one of the hottest SCCA VW Rabbits on the planet. Chuck won his first SCCA G Production National Championship in October 2006. Check out the writeup in Deutsche Motorsport magazine!

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