Here are links to some cool websites, in no particular order:

I can't say enough good things about these guys. ETC has some of the best high performance software on the market including their industry standard 4-Link Wizard program for calculating drag car instant centers, and their soon to be released Engine Calculator software. We use the Engine Calculator in the shop every day for figuring Static Compression Ratio on our customer builds. They also make the Mittler Bend Calculator software for race car tube fabricators and Jerry Bickel's Chassis Wizard software for estimating 60-foot times.

Their V8 Racing Engine training course is second to none. I should know, I'm one of the instructors! Over the past several years, we've taught hundreds of students how to plan their engine build to achieve the results they want given their budget and saved them from making big mistakes in component selection, preparation and assembly.

ETC originated the Reher-Morrison Racing Engines books plus Jerry Bickel's Complete Guide to Chassis Performance and the Jerry Bickel Race Car Performance Class. If that wasn't enough, they currently conduct a Harley-Davidson Performance Mods class and a Custom Bike & Chopper Build class. Check out their website for details.

Competition Cams is one of the industry leaders in camshafts and valve train hardware. High quality at a reasonable price.
For extreme high end valve train components, Jesel is the best in the business.
Cloyes True Roller and Hex-a-Just timing chain sets are a great choice for most performance applications.
Carrillo connecting rods are simply the best connecting rods that money can buy. If your budget can withstand it, consider putting a set of Carrillos in your engine and you won't be sorry!
Dart manufactures some great racing components including heads, blocks, manifolds and more.
JE is one of the leading performance piston manufacturers. Their SRP line for sportsmen is a little cheaper than their full-boat custom slug and may be a good choice if they have one for your application.
Trend is an industry leading manufacturer of pushrods, wrist pins and valve spring shims. They also manufacture the Spintron machine which is a valve train dynamometer. Very cool!.
D&A Corvettes is the source for vintage Corvette restoration services. They have restored many Corvettes over the years for a lot of satisfied customers. Check out the picture gallery on their website for more info. I wonder who does their engine work...
T&D has been making rocker arms forever. Their shaft mounted roller rockers are used by racers everywhere.
Crower make some great cams, cranks and rods. Their stuff is really nice.
Automotive Racing Products (ARP) is the one and only source for the highest quality rod bolts, main studs and head studs for your performance application. They have made fastener manufacturing an exact science and considering that the fasteners are all that's keeping your engine from turning into junk, it's not an area to skimp on!
Durabond is the brand of choice for cam bearings. They manufacture a high performance bearing with a slippery fluoropolymer coating that retains its lubricating characteristics during momentary oil starvation and cold startups. Highly recommended!
Clevite makes some great main bearings for racing engines including their H-Series tri-metal bearing that holds up very well under the pressures of racing.
Moroso makes a lot of quality components from valve cover to oil pan and everywhere between. They've been around for 40 years or so and have learned a few things about engines along the way.
Mainly known for their rings, C&A also list a number of racing components in their current catalog.
Smith Brothers makes some high quality pushrods as well and they have a wide selection of styles available. They also sell adjustable pushrods for Harley EVO style engines.
If you can afford to use the best of the best components in your build, consider Oliver rods and cranks. They might cost a little more but the quality is unsurpassed.
Pro-Gram Engineering makes some nice aftermarket main caps. Unlike many performance part manufacturers, their parts are Made In America. They make a real quality piece.
Milodon makes oil pans and main bearing caps along with a bunch of other racing engine components.
Eagle Specialty Products makes some budget style cranks and rods that might be just the ticket for a lower dollar build.
Accurate Measurement Systems is the leader in Digital Readouts (DROs) for machine tools. They are a proud distributor of Heidenhain encoders and with 40 years in the industry, have installed readouts on numerous machines. Contact them for all of your machine tool or CNC retrofit needs.


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