AMT can build your engine from start to finish, or anywhere in-between. Whether you need high quality machine work so you can assemble the engine yourself, or a turnkey engine ready to fire up, AMT Racing Engines wants to be your engine builder.

Here's a brief slide show of some AMT services. Scroll down the page to see a partial list of services provided by AMT.

AMT Shop Services include the following - call for any not listed:

Block Work Head Work
Disassemble Engine Valve Job (3 Angle Performance)
Remove Galley Plugs Valve Job (Competition)
R&R Freeze Plugs Valve Job (Competition - Alum Head)
R&R Cam Bearings Install Bronze Guides
Hot Tank Surface Heads (Pair up to .015")
Magnaflux Block Angle Mill up to .125" Including Intake Side
Check Line Bore Install Valve Seats
Install Main Studs Machine for PC Seals
Install Aftermarket Main Caps Machine for Large Valve Springs
Line Hone Block Machine for Screw-in Studs
Line Bore Block Set Up Valve Springs
Bore & Hone Cylinders Install Large Valves & Rough In Valve Job
Bore & Hone Cylinders w/Torque Plate Blend Valve Pockets
Fill Block with Hard Blok Match Port Heads (Intake & Exhaust)
Mock Up to Check Deck Narrow Valve Guides
Notch Block for Rod Clearance CC 1 Combustion Chamber
Square Deck Block  
Install Head Studs Intake Work
Install Oil Restrictors Machine Intake Faces up to .060"
Machine End Rails
Crank Work Match Port
Hot Tank & Polish Crank Blend Plenum
Turn Crank Glass Bead Blast
Turn Crank (Index 90°) Cold Tank Intake
Turn 400 Crank for use in 350 Block  
Weld Crank Balancing
Weld Thrust Balance Assy with Balancer & Flex Plate
Open Thrust Balance Pistons
Shot Peen Crank Balance Rods
Balance Flywheel to Neutral
Rod & Piston Work Balance Flywheel to Weight Other Than 0
R&R Pistons Install Mallory Metal Slugs
R&R Rod Bolts  
R&R Rod Bushings Assembly Work
Recondition Rods Assemble Short Block (no tin)
Pin Fit Rods for Oversized Pin Assemble Short Block
Pin Fit Pistons for Oversized Pin Assemble Complete
Glass Bead Pistons Assemble Complete (Race)
Fly Cut Pistons (Intake & Exhaust) Gap Rings
Grind Beams Degree Camshaft
Shot Peen Rods Check Piston to Valve Clearance
CC 1 Piston Dome Check Geometry & Set Pushrod Length



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