If you have a Tri-Power equipped car like the 427 Corvette, you know that getting those three carburetors to work right can be a royal pain. That's why so many of them ended up in the junkpile back in the sixties!

Having a restored original means you have to use the Tri-Power setup and for your engine to run right, it needs tweaking. These carbs didn't work correctly right out of the factory, much less after 40 plus years have gone by, but that doesn't mean they can't be made to work. Like anything in life, "It's easy if you know how", and we do - although it's not that easy!

We have lots of experience working with these setups and have learned a number of trick techniques along the way to get them to run right from idle up to wide open throttle. Many of our customers with Tri-Power cars can't believe how much better they run after we go through them and get them set up right. We do things to these carbs that you will not find on the Internet or in any book or magazine article.

Here are a few pictures of some Tri-Power Corvettes we have worked on. Call us to see what we can do for you.

Here I'm fine tuning the carb in a rolling chassis at initial startup prior to cam break-in


Here's another view of the same engine as above


This is the engine bay of a customer car


Here's an engine in a customer's rolling chassis - ready for him to install the bodywork


This customer uses his Corvette as a grocery getter

427 Air Cleaner

If you want your Tri-Power setup to run like it's never
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